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Edens Zero Chapter 204 - Ziggy's forgotten memories

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Edens Zero Chapter 204 – The Story of [Ziggy]: Void

Edens Zero Chapter 204 - Ziggy's forgotten memories

I was absolutely wrong in my assessment of Ziggy and future <spoiler> in relation to the story and I don’t mind in the slightest because this has to be one of most affecting reveals I have experienced in Edens Zero. Everything from Ziggy’s inception, to the growing void in his heart, to the mission he was assigned with, to the Edens Zero’s origins. It all makes sense now. Why Ziggy began as such a character and why through the course of the expanding narrative, the shift occurred and entrenched Ziggy within the path he now finds himself on. It wasn’t nonsensical or illogical but a tragedy sourced from consequences of what came before.

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