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One Piece Chapter 750 – Shattering The Facade Of Peace

One Piece chapter 750 - colour spread

What a weird bunch of allies but terrifying nonetheless

Viola put it beautifully, right now only the Strawhat Pirates and their allies are capable of shattering the illusions Doflamingo has cast in front of Dressrosa and the world. The World Government are too busy concerning themselves with their own power, influence and relationship with the Tenryuubito that they ignore the cries of those suffering under the hands and manipulation of Doflamingo. Isshou may not be able to see but he is still closing his ears to the cries of the nation in favour of maintaining the duty the Marines hold within the World Government – control and order – something totally different from the peace and well-being of a nation and its citizens.

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One Piece Chapter 747 – The Donquixote Family

One Piece chapter 747 - Doflamingo's love for his family

For a second I forgot what a monster Doflamingo truly is

How surprising, I actually felt emotion, genuine emotion from Doflamingo when he talked about the Donquixote Executives being his family. For someone so cruel, sinister and cold-hearted, I wasn’t expecting Doflamingo to have such a vulnerable side, one that does express a certain level of pain he experienced in his childhood. I really am curious, what happened to Doflamingo, what events took place to lead him down this path, why has he forsaken everything beside his family? How can someone be loving and so hateful at the same time? And what I really want to know is despite the care Doflamingo has for his crew, why did Law end up turning against Doflamingo and wishing for his death?

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