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Fairy Tail Chapter 393-394 – The Bond Between Father And Son

Fairy Tail chapter 393 - Gray and Silver

The feelings that can’t be held back…

In hindsight, the truth concerning Silver’s circumstances seems so obvious but prior to learning about that, the little lies Mashima-sensei utilised to misdirect attention away from Silver’s situation ended up being quite effective. Silver as well, he put on a good act for the most part, and all so he could teach Gray an important lesson in realising what truly matters. Without that Gray would have still been haunted by his nightmares of Deliora. Silver may have been dead for 17 years and forced Gray into a situation he never wanted to be in, but for all intents and purposes, in the end Silver was great father to Gray, expressing the affection and love both Mika and he have for Gray through that momentary embrace which will be a lasting memory for Gray.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 392 – Something To Live For

Fairy Tail chapter 392 - Overcoming despair

Overcoming despair and realising what to live for

I thought that it was incredibly weird for Deliora to visit the grave of someone during his introduction, I ended up rationalising that as Silver having control over his body at that time, but the actuality of circumstances has revealed that Deliora was never revived and the control Silver had over his body was never relinquished. Was Tartarus fooled as well believing that Deliora was resurrected or did Mard Geer find some way to force Silver and his Devil Slaying abilities to work for his cause? Whatever the case I am incredibly interested to see the reason Silver has for deceiving his son and forcing Gray to realise just how much he doesn’t want to throw his life away.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 352-353 – The Devil Slayer

Fairy Tail chapter 353 - Absolute Zero Silver - by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

The Ice Devil Slayer, Silver – by salim202

Hahah how obvious it all appears now in hindsight, so the Eternal Flame was the fire Dragon Atlas Flame. It explains why Natsu recognised the voice, but I wonder why Natsu couldn’t exactly put his finger on who it was when he just met Atlas Flame recently. Anyway I was quite surprised, especially by the fact that one wizard froze the village, an Exorcist Mage who is a Devil Slayer. I wonder why I didn’t expect such a development to come about after knowing that God Slayers existed, of course they would be more types Slayers =P. At least now with the revelation of Devil Slayers, I know that they may in fact be many more types of other Slayers out there –  Giant Slayers, Spirit Slayers, Mage Slayers, etc.

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