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Fairy Tail Chapter 396 – Gajeel VS Torafusa

Fairy Tail chapter 396 - Torafusa's black water of darkness

Now we talking! Seeing Fairy Tail mages pushed to the extremes of their abilities is always exciting!

I was curious to see how Torsafusa and Tempesta would mount a counter attack on Natsu and Gajeel when they were so fired up, and it looks like Torafusa still had more to show after all. To be able to summon a massive body of water to cover such a large volume of space, that curse of Torafusa’s is quite something. Gajeel with the limited oxygen he has definitely has his work cut out for him but thanks to Levy, his life was saved allowing him to continue fighting.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 375 – The Stolen Flames

Fairy Tail chapter 375 - Franmalth steals Natsu's lightning flames

Lightning flame imbued Hades soul huh…Franmalth is more dangerous than he appears…

So Franmalth’s strongest soul really was Hades, how interesting, at least that confirms that Hades did die when Zeref attacked him. I was curious to see how Natsu would fare alone against Franmalth using Hades’s soul and it seems that Franmalth really was pushed on the back foot, well at least until he leaned back on his soul stealing ability to steal Natsu’s lightning flames. Surprising that Franmalth was able to use his ability in that way, but considering that he is one of the demons from Zeref’s books, it does make sense that he is powerful. His personality though does belie his strength. But it was great to be reminded that the demons of the Kyuukimon are strong and won’t be defeated so easily. Looking forward to the upcoming fights.

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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 61-62 – The Threats On The Horizon

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 62 - King Arthur

Shocking development, was not expecting to see him appear at this point in time, how exciting..

How unexpected, big developments after big developments, it is shocking seeing just how much was set-up in these two chapters! The Goddess, Giant, Fairy and Human clans united in the past to seal the Demon Clan, and Hendricksen on his way to reviving the Demon Clan in order to create an era in which the Holy Knights can prosper with battle, he manages to secure Elizabeth, the final piece to releasing the Demon Clan seal, thanks to one of his knights. Melodias, Ban and Gowther rampage at the Britannia Kingdom until  they sense the presence of the King of Camelot, King Arthur on the opposite side of the Kingdom arriving with a massive army. I am honestly incredibly curious to see how the story develops from here out and where it would likely end up after these recent events.

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