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Fairy Tail Chapter 381 – Mirajane VS Sayla

Fairy Tail chapter 381 - Sayla VS Mirajane 1

That is one amazingly illustrated panel, I love the effect Sayla creates when she cast her curse

That was a great chapter. To get a flashback of Mirajane, Elfman and Lisanna and how they came about attaining the ability to use their respective Take Over magics, it was a pleasant surprise and a great addition to their character development, especially collectively as a family. And as with the nature of a family, when one member is in trouble, the others come to their aid. This was shown in the previous chapter when Mirajane destroyed Tartarus’s lab to aid Fairy Tail and in the climax of this chapter when Mirajane forced herself and her magic to Take Over Sayla’s macro ability and command Elfman to blindside Sayla with a ferocious attack and save his family. Seeing both Mirajane outsmart Sayla and Elfman redeem himself for his earlier actions, it was enjoyably satisfying.

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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 60 – The Shadow Of Terror

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 60 - Melodias's next destination

Will Lyonesse really be their next destination?

So that is what Hendricksen intends to do by releasing the seal the Goddess Clan placed on the Demon Clan…to create a never-ending war in which the Holy Knights purpose and use will never see an end. What a narrow-minded perspective Hendricksen has, to engulf the world in such chaos, just because he doesn’t find enough glory and satisfaction in keeping the peace and protecting the people. He is definitely playing with fire and is completely unaware of the exact terror he is seeking to unleash.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 360 – Natsu vs Jackal

Fairy Tail chapter 360 - Jackal - colour by Ricardo9Tomate (http://ricardo9tomate.deviantart.com)

He’ll just give you a horrible death, cause he is a considerate guy after all =) – colour by Ricardo9Tomate

That was quite the thrilling fight, Natsu laid the smack down quite intensely on Jackal yet he was still able to get back up and act like nothing much happened, how interesting. Seems like Mikero has some idea of what Tartarus is after, this thing called “faith” described as the “white inheritance”, I wonder what it is and how exactly is it related to the Magic Council? Did they create it or do they just have knowledge about it?

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