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Pokémon X [3DS] (Part 4) – Pokémon Amie

Pokemon Amie illustration

Bonding with your Pokémon through the use of the Pokémon Amie feature

Along with progressing through the story of Pokémon X through collecting my gym badges and thwarting Team Flare’s attempts to gather valuable resources in their possession, I have been playing the Pokémon Amie and Super Training features. Effectively Pokémon Amie lets players interact with their Pokémon using the 3DS’ touchscreen and camera, playing with them and giving them treats to strengthen their bonds, ultimately affecting the way the Pokémon acts during battle. I was curious how Pokémon would act during battles, so when I noticed one of my Pokémon with two Pokémon Amie hearts getting excited before a Pokémon battle began, I became even more curious about the Pokémon Amie feature.

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Pokémon X [3DS] (Part 3) – Team Flare

Team Flare wallpaper (1440x900) - by baruch97 (http://baruch97.deviantart.com)

The antagonist group of Pokémon X, Team Flare – by baruch97

Up to six gym badges now; Bug, Cliff, Rumble, Plant, Voltage and Fairy badges. The Plant gym was quite straight forward with my main Pokémon being a fire type (Delphox). The Voltage and Fairy type gyms were also quite simple as my Pokémon were 12+ levels higher than the Pokémon I faced at the gym – ah the rewards of fighting 95% of the battles I come across =P. Beyond the Pokémon gym battles, the other main story element being driven currently is Team Flare and their unrevealed goal.

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Pokémon X [3DS] (Part 2) – Mega Evolution

Pokemon X - Delphox - by KeiNhanGia (http://keinhangia.deviantart.com)

The Wizard Fox, Delphox – by KeiNhanGia

I am seriously engrossed in Pokémon X now, I find myself looking forward to continuing my journey across Kalos and capturing as many Pokémon as I can whenever I am not playing Pokémon X. There is just something completely enchanting about progress and seeing your Pokémon grow, evolve and gain new abilities through the challenges you face within your journey. It’s enjoyable, compelling and even after hours of play, the game remains shockingly fresh and full of life. Even though I have only just gotten my third gym badge (the Rumble Badge) from the gym leader Korrina, I have accumulated so many hours of game play and I feel like I can spend a lot more time in my journey in Pokémon X.

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