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Colossal (2017) Review

Colossal - Poster

What an unexpectedly enjoyable film that twist the conventional approach to ‘monster destruction’

Disguised in the clothing of a Kaiju film, Colossal draws you in with its mystery surrounding the massive monster threatening Seoul and the connection those events have on the main character currently residing within the USA. As you get deeper into the film, it becomes clear that the film belies its initial form and utilises the genre to push forward a totally different story. Yet at the same time, it keeps the “monster” theme central to the identity of the film. As each twist leaves you re-examining your perception of the story and it’s characters, you find yourself becoming engrossed by how such a genre can be distorted into one conveying themes filled with relevance, meaning and depth. Colossal is undeniably a colossal film that utilises its elements creatively to convey a powerful message.

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