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One Piece – Charlotte Pudding – The Heart Within

One Piece chapter 864 - Pudding and Sanji

No matter how high you build your walls Pudding, Sanji could see through you

Within the shadow of a jaded heart beating in the tune of hostility and sadism, a warm glow reveals itself fragmented by pain, suffering and fragility. A warmth smothered by rejection and caged by the bars of perception. A warmth relegated to the depths of the heart to hide behind lies and conceit used to mask the agonising desire overwhelming it’s beat. More than anything, what Pudding wanted was to be accepted for who she is, something denied to her by own family whom berated her for her uniqueness. This caused Pudding to perceive her own third eye as a monstrous feature to be afraid of forcing her to shield herself behind her lies and deception. All those walls and masks surrounding her heart shattered and fell away when Sanji came and accepted Pudding for who she is – a wondrous lady with a beautiful third eye.

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One Piece Chapter 812-816 – Sanji Vinsmoke

One Piece Chapter 813 - Sanji's note

Oh Sanji…

So many twists and reveals in these past few chapters, I find myself left quite silenced and immensely liberated by the possibility these developments leave the story to develop towards. I was wondering how Oda-sensei would utilise the Mink race once the focus shifted towards Sanji and the Straw Hat Pirates struggles to get him back, but now with the reveal that there exist a long-standing relationship between the Mink race and the Kougetsu Wano Kuni Family, it seems inevitable the Mink race will be part of the story for a long while now, especially with the Wano Country yet to be even dealt with in the story. Kaidou and the Mink race will be intrinsically linked to the Wano Kuni story (and Kaidou’s) once the focus has shifted towards it.

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