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Edens Zero chapter 64 - Rebecca awakens her leap abilities


[Analysis] Edens Zero – Rebecca Bluegarden: The Girl Who Leapt Through Space, Time & Reality

Edens Zero - Rebecca Bluegarden by Hiro Mashima

Within the story of Edens Zero, one of the major devices tying together the numerous threads existing, is, alongside Shiki, the girl who saved him from his secluded fate, Rebecca Bluegarden. Together, as the mysteries within Edens Zero unfold, the relevance attached to these two characters increase. Their stories move forward as the core driving force to the eventual revelations involving Mother and the enigmatic cliff-hanger volume one of Edens Zero left the story at with it peaking at the world 20,000 years in the future. Threads that have been set-up in past arcs are slowly revealing their connection to the present and future events. Through Rebecca and through Shiki, impossible will become just a door to step through.

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Edens Zero chapter 152 - Rebecca chooses her card

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Edens Zero Chapter 152 – Rebecca VS Lyra: Card Manipulation

Edens Zero chapter 152 - Rebecca chooses her card

What should be chance and a test of psychology instead colours itself in an unnerving air of fabrication. Rebecca’s attempts to out-play Lyra within the Lost Card Game falls deftly within the scope of Lyra’s narration. The notion of ‘game’ within the title is a laughable misrepresentation of the actual events ongoing. There is little fair play being had. The only losses Lyra suffers are those chosen by her to construct a ‘game’ that invokes a hollow reverberation of entertainment. Beyond the misleading setting of the game, Ether Powers are deceptively used behind the scenes to design the outcome sought. The particular game and rule-set were chosen by Lyra for reason rather than a physical bout. Outside of combat, Lyra’s abilities more than likely benefits from such structure. With Rebecca introduced to such a possibility, how will she exercise her observations into her deductions? The revelation that Lyra lost once conveys that the Lost Card isn’t unbeatable. If anyone can fight a route to victory in such a game, it is Rebecca (and Happy).

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