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One Piece Chapter 889 – Big Mom’s Transformation

One Piece chapter 889 - Big Mom's transformation

She’s angry…

If Big Mom wasn’t strong enough already, she has now entered a state that surpasses even her rage induced frenzy. Who exactly is Charlotte Linlin and how did she get so powerful? Her further rise in strength further supports Big Mom being taken out by the cake Sanji, Pudding and Chiffon have made. No one comes close to Big Mom’s strength currently and other than Big Mom falling from the satisfaction of having tasted the sweetest treat she never knew existed, I don’t see any other way to defeat her based on the information we currently have available.

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One Piece Chapter 888 – The Mink Transformation

One Piece chapter 888 - Carrot's Moon Lion Transformation

Carrot’s Moon Lion Transformation

With a Full Moon revealing itself during the Tea Party event in Totland we finally get a glimpse at what the Mink’s Full Moon transformation is like. More than just sending the Mink into a feral state, the Moon transformation matures the Mink and enhances their capabilities. As for the white hair in that state, we will have to wait to see if the white hair is consistent through other Mink’s transformations or whether it is specific to just Carrot. What we can confirm is that the power associated with the Full Moon transformation is real.

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One Piece Chapter 804 – The Mink Of Zou

One Piece chapter 804 - Reaching the top of Zou

Good work Ryuunosuke!

Overcoming the limitations of its existence, this brave soul pushed himself beyond his capabilities driven by the duty etched into its soul by its creator. A noble and honorable soul using everything it had to scale the massive hind leg of an Ancient Elephant in order to deliver its friends, the Straw Hat Pirates and Law, to the top. Regardless of fatigue, it broke past the barrier of impossibility and successfully saw to it that the Straw Hat Pirates reached the top. A hero in name, form and action, Ryuunosuke the dragon will forever be remembered for what it accomplished during its trying journey towards the enigmatic Zou. RIP Ryuunosuke.

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