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One Piece Chapter 676 – The Mystery Of The Devil Fruit

One Piece Chapter 676 - Colour Spread

Flying teacups? How bizarre and amusing, awesome colour spread

How unexpected, that Devil Fruit apple appearing did confuse me initially, but it really is the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl Devil Fruit right? It is obvious that with Caesar Clown once being an assistant to Doctor Vegapunk, he has intimate knowledge about the Devil Fruits, so him having knowledge about how Devil Fruits are “reborn” is expected. Still Smiley dying and having his Devil Fruit ability attach itself to a nearby apple is surprising and weird =/.

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One Piece Chapter 675 – The “Heart” Of The Matter

One Piece Chapter 675 - The Consideration

Makes you wonder about the “damages” for a breach of contract…

Interesting, so Law actually did something like that, how surprising, to give his own heart up as consideration for the contract he formed with Caesar Clown. And Caesar Clown didn’t even offer up his own heart as consideration but that of his secretary, Monet’s heart. Makes you wonder just what this “important key” is that Law is after if he is seeking it so badly he literally laid down his life for it. Caesar Clown is not the most charming person and he certainly isn’t someone you would want to trust that easily, so for Law to agree to such an absurd offer, the “important key” he is after must be something quite remarkable.

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One Piece Chapter 661-674 – Pieces Of The Puzzle

One Piece - Punk Hazard - by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

The Players of Punk Hazard – by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

Wow…so now that the majority of the pieces have been revealed and assembled, we finally get to see just what the final picture is turning out to look like and oh my goodness, what a shocking and totally surprising one it is…

A plan four years in the making, a plan driven by a warped mind and a plan garnering attention by numerous famous and power-hungry “brokers”. This arc has seriously been like a massive puzzle and hahah I feel like we still have many more developments left to come, how exciting and thrilling. Trying to predict and conceive this Punk Hazard arc has been such an incredible challenge, especially during the start when all we had was randomness after randomness, but hahah, it was fun. Now that certain mysterious players have been revealed; like Caesar Clown, Joker, and Vergo, we finally get to see just what this arc is all about and just where things have been leading toward. Power and weapons huh…

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