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One Piece Chapter 885 – Into The Fire

One Piece chapter 885 - Big Mom raging

Of all the places they could end up, they wind up there…

How unexpected, for Brulee to be there when Luffy needed a way to escape Katakuri while his Haki recuperates from using Gear Fourth. The absolute genius of that miracle is how it instantaneously twisted into misfortune. To have escaped Katakuri only to end up on the Island where Big Mom is raging. Of course Luffy wouldn’t be able to escape that easily but to wind up in the middle of THAT chaos, it was a complete surprise development, one which opens up the potential of this arc. How will Luffy escape Big Mom and if he escapes into a mirror with Brulee, will Katakuri allow him to escape through another mirror again?

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One Piece Chapter 882 – Luffy VS Katakuri II

One Piece Chapter 882 - Katakuri


Despite the obvious trouble Luffy is in, his battle with Katakuri is incredibly necessary towards him developing his fighting capabilities up to the point where he can stand against New World opponents. Much like it was with Crocodile in Paradise, the overwhelmed Luffy needed to find a way to defeat the overpowering opponent representative of the enemies he will face across that sea. In order for his crew to exist within the New World without the umbrella of the Yonko, Luffy, the Captain, needs to showcase how capable he is. And Luffy defeating Katakuri, the strongest child of Big Mom whom Brulee just built up to an insane degree, would definitely express Luffy’s capabilities boldly.

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One Piece Chapter 836 – Thousand Arms Cracker

One Piece chapter 838 - Thousand Arms Cracker

He can grow additional legs as well? Or are those arms that serve as legs?

I had expected Luffy and Co to face some powerful opponents within Big Mom’s crew now that they are within her territory but to do so this early in the arc and one with a ridiculously high bounty relative to the bounties we have been exposed to so far? An 860,000,000 beli opponent! Oda-sensei means business for Luffy to be matched against such a high bounty opponent. It will be interesting to see if Luffy actually goes all out against Cracker or whether this battle will be deferred for a later time.

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