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Edens Zero Chapter 174 - Shiki and Feather meet

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Edens Zero Chapter 174 – Feather: Meeting Shiki

Edens Zero Chapter 174 - Shiki and Feather meet

The mechanics behind the Eye of God power leaves much mystery in it’s wake. How does it function? How does it analyse information? And how does it assist in constructing a path forward for the user? It’s natural operation seems straight forward – it receives information and uses that to predict the future. When defining the type of information it uses in its analysis, it becomes incredibly more fascinating – what form does that information take? Does the Eye of God power act on general information or specific? It likely overlaps between the two with seemingly more emphasis to the general interpretation based on the overarching nature of the power. The fact that Shiki was able to escape Feather’s “sight” implies the rigidity in its interpretation. A reasonable person may have behaved in the manner Feather predicted but after her meeting with Shiki, she now knows that Shiki isn’t someone ordinary. Feather’s Eye of God power going forward will continue to stumble when attempting to predict Shiki’s next action.

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