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BTOOOM! (Manga)

Btooom! - The Island and the cast

The real life game of Btooom! where an island becomes your battleground for survival

A survival action thriller story similar to Gantz (minus the horror) where participants are placed in a “game” where they are required to accomplish a certain objective before they are allowed to leave. The restriction here unlike Gantz where the players were bound by the Gantz sphere, is the fact that the island is the battleground for the game.  That setting makes Btooom! seem even more similar to the story of Battle Royale, where students were sent to an island and placed in a game of “last man standing” requiring the students to kill each other until only one student is left surviving. The “game” of Btooom which the competitors are playing see them utilise bombs which are provided for them to defeat other contestants and collect the “IC chips” left behind. The exact purpose of the game remains a mystery but the objective of the game is to collect a total of eight IC chips.

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