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Bleach Chapter 590 – The Incandescent Mayuri

Bleach chapter 590 - Arrancar

Colour me shocked, what an unexpected twist

What a satisfyingly glorious chapter. Mayuri just knows how to bring the classy to weird and dam does he get down to business fast. That swagger he brings with his superiority complex can be ridiculously enjoyable to witness at times. His personality just like his outfit outshines all others.  As for Giselle and Bambietta, I find myself quite disturbed by the implied context of their exchange concerning Bambietta’s “needs”. Thankfully though Mayuri was there to sanitize the situation with his scientific grandeur and sheer madness.

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Bleach Chapter 588 – Tenjirou VS The Sternritter

Bleach chapter 588 - Kirinji Tenjirou

Got to love that pompadour, Yhwach ain’t got anything on that

That was a tad strange, I would have thought that once the Royal Guard noticed some disturbance in the Soul King’s Palace, they would have all rushed to the point of origin, especially seeing how their only duty is to protect the Soul King. I suppose given the distance of each of the members sections, each would arrive at different times, but seeing as how the distance separating each section isn’t all that large, the Royal Guard should arrive relatively shortly after each other. Hopefully the Royal Guard aren’t used as a canvas for Yhwach to display his overwhelming power.

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Bleach Chapter 558 – Sajin’s Penance

Bleach chapter 558 - Sajin Komamura

The descent into becoming the “voiceless beast”

I did not see that coming, for Sajin’s human metamorphosis to break and for him to turn into an actual wolf. Was it really Sajin’s pursuit of vengeance which caused this outcome? Did such feelings react to the curse his clan was under and subsequently take his humanity as penance for the curse? What exactly is the history behind Sajin’s clan and what will become of him now? Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 557 – This Is My Resolve

Bleach chapter 557 - Kokujou Tengen Myouou in its Dangai Joue form

Kokujou Tengen Myouou in its Dangai Joue form

Now THAT is how you lay your life on the line and display your resolve to win a fight. I am so glad Kubo-sensei has chosen to highlight Komamura Sajin in such a badass light after he was placed in the background for so long. Ah Sajin really is a total badass. Finally we are starting to see why he was appointed as a Captain of the Gotei 13. Phenomenal artwork as well from Kubo-sensei this chapter, it made the fight that much more thrilling and exiciting.

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Bleach Chapter 556 – Komamura Sajin

Bleach chapter 556 - Komamura Sajin Evolution - colour by aConst (http://aconst.deviantart.com)

The Human Metamorphosis technique – colour by aConst

Well that was a shock, one of the least favourite Gotei 13 Captains (which happens to be one of my favourite) getting such a badass development! I never understood why Bleach fans never really thought much of Komamura but I suspect it has something to do with the Soul Society arc and Komamura revealing his Bankai so early on in the story and subsequently from then on not getting much chance to show any improvement. I like Sajin so I am very glad he has been given a new power-up, one that will potentially showcase just how badass he is. I too was curious why Sajin wore a helmet this fight and I guess now we know why – human metamorphosis huh? Love that surprise twist right there Kubo-sensei!

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