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Bleach Chapter 591 – Arrancar VS Zombies

Bleach chapter 591 - colour spread - Arrancar

Arrancar (left to right): Cirucci, Dordoni, Charlotte and Luppi

What a pleasant turn of events to see Arrancar in the spotlight for a change, especially being featured in battles. It has been a while since we seen an Arrancar unleash, and frankly, I have been waiting for this, hopefully now, we get some other Arrancar members featured in battles this arc. Mayuri is such a sinisterly glorious fellow, to be able to revive Arrancar and even find a way to subjugate them to do his bidding or at least manipulate them to want to do his bidding =P. A shrewd and dangerous existence Mayuri is indeed. I look forward to seeing how Mayuri is going to deal with Giselle and her “zombies”.

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