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Fairy Tail Chapter 447 – The Return Of Laxus

Fairy Tail chapter 447 - Laxus returns

He’s back!

Just when Fairy Tail find themselves with their backs against the wall, Laxus arrives with an electrifying entrance to tear it down blasting the arrogance of the Spriggan Twelve members back into their face. If the Alvarez Empire thought taking down Ishgar would be easy, clearly they have not crossed paths with a Fairy Tail mage before. With Laxus up to the challenge of silencing the hollow taunts of the Spriggan Twelve and matching their overwhelming power with his own magic, the battle between the two lands has just begun! Ishgar VS Alvarez. Fairy Tail VS The Spriggan Twelve.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 446 – The Desert King

Fairy Tail chapter 446 - Fairy Tail VS Spriggan Twelve

Fairy Tail VS The Spriggan Twelve

What an interesting surprise, even with Mest’s intense chaining of teleports to get Makarov a fair distance away from the Alvarez Empire, Azir, the Desert King, still managed to follow the two via his sand to the main group. Seems like the Spriggan Twelve may have expected something of this nature to occur before Mest went in to save Makarov. Whatever the case, right now Fairy Tail have to battle their way towards the coast of Alakitasia where Mest can teleport the group within Sorano’s underwater vessel, Olympia, allowing them escape.

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