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Fairy Tail Chapter 526-527 – August

Fairy Tail chapter 527 - August

What he wanted in the end was simply to be loved

Despite my attempts at understanding what happened with Mavis’s child, I failed to even consider August relevant to Mavis even with the acknowledgement that August would serve a key role being the last the Spriggan 12. I questioned Larcade’s age not being consistent with when Mavis’s child was implied to have been born yet did not look at the one character whose age would allow the timing to fall in line. Even the desperation August had at finding an answer to the reason Zeref didn’t love his child, it makes sense now why such a question would torment August inside. His power and devotion to Zeref all make sense now.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 521 – The Final Spriggan

Fairy Tail chapter 521 - Gildarts VS August

The Titans collide and the destruction signals their presence

So in the end August is the last of the twelve to remain in fighting condition. Expected but pleasantly surprised to see the other remaining Spriggan members dealt with in quick succession – doesn’t look like Universe One reversing split them up. Sad to see no sign of Jellal, especially when he was still willing himself on to stop August the last we seen him. Hopefully he makes a grand appearance soon as he hasn’t really done much this arc and the opponents to stop are gradually reducing. With Gildarts now keeping August busy, the logical place for Jellal to head is for the Fairy Tail building where Zeref is located or has he instead went where Erza is?

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Fairy Tail Chapter 509 – Larcade Dragneel

Fairy Tail chapter 509 - Kagura

Kagura VS Larcade

Wait, what? Is Mashima-sensei seriously implying what I believe he is implying? When did Mavis give birth to a child? Was this after their kiss and before he dumped her body in front of Hades? If this is the case, wouldn’t Larcade be incredibly old? Is Larcade an illusion created by Mavis? The are so many questions. Honestly, I did not expect this. Neither did I expect Kagura being dispatched so effortlessly by Larcade. Let’s hope Mashima-sensei has more planned for her! Continue reading