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Fairy Tail Chapter 385 – Celestial Blessing

Fairy Tail chapter 385 - Aquarius's Power - colour by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

Lucy resonating with Aquarius’s Power – colour by salim202

In a state of grief and sadness at the reality of losing one of her closest friends, Lucy, upon the realisation that there is still a role for her to play in saving the rest of nakama, pushes aside the dejecting pain and channels the power the Celestial Spirit King has bestowed upon her. Aquarius, despite having returned to the Celestial Spirit World, her power now surges inside Lucy and thanks to it, Lucy is able to materialise her resolve of wanting to save her nakama into action.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 384 – Aquarius’s Sacrifce

Fairy Tail chapter 384 - Plutogrim Destroyed

The pain of losing a friend

A spirit of pride, love and strength, to save her dear friend and grant her the power to save the imprisoned fairies she accepts the price of power and the sacrifice required to call it forth. Within the cold waves of her words, an embracing warmth washes over as the tears of realisation and love escape voicing the feelings of her heart, feelings she tried to hide from but never rejecting she had. The Celestial Spirit of Water, Aquarius, through her love for Lucy and her desire to want to protect her, she sacrifices her Celestial Key in order to pay for the power Lucy desperately needs to save everyone, the power of a Celestial Spirit Mage.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 383 – Lucy VS Tartarus

Fairy Tail chapter 383 - Aquarius - colour by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

Risking her life against the demons of Zeref to save her nakama – colour by i-azu

Alone and overwhelmed, the single Fairy unaffected by the demonic clutches of imprisonment finds herself needing to consolidate her courage and tackle the immense wall of darkness surrounding her. With the belief her nakama are alive and her desire to want to save them, emotion takes the form of strength and through the bonds connecting her with her Spirits, Lucy is able to unleash a new level of power and reach a state capable of realising her wishes.

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