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[Theory] One Piece – Evidence Against Monet Being Dead

One Piece - Monet art 2

The ambiguity behind the appearance of “certainty”

Many believe that Monet’s apparent death scene is one of the most clear-cut cases of a character being killed in One Piece – “heart being stabbed”. I disagree with the usual interpretation of the scene in question and feel Monet’s death is one of the most ambiguous deaths in One Piece, mainly because Oda structured the scene in a way to make it appear as if Caesar had [fully] stabbed Monet’s heart, but in actuality, he only managed to graze the “block of flesh”.

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The DAMI Factor 2013

Dami Im - Alive single cover

Dami Im – Alive cover

I have been following The X Factor Australia Season 5 more closely than any other X Factor season I have watched before, mainly because of one artist, Dami Im, now the champion of The X Factor Australia 2013. Dami Im has captured so many hearts of people in Australia and around the world with her soaring, piercing, dynamic and embracing vocals which resonates through your mind long after her songs have ended. She is able to bridge different genres of music with her own style effortlessly and along with the unique outfits she dons during her performances she has become a music icon already in many eyes.

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