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Edens Zero Chapter 185 - Justice arrives to save Elsie


Edens Zero Chapter 185 – Elsie VS Ziggy: The Arrival Of Justice

Edens Zero Chapter 185 - Justice arrives to save Elsie

Capitalizing on his deception, Ziggy continues to force Elsie’s defenses down in order to land a finishing blow on her. Elsie on the other hand, struggling to stabilize her mind and body from the injury, is given no time to evaluate what just happened due to immediately and continuously being barraged by forces of gravity. Likely, Elsie’s mind is still reeling from the unintended reaction at Ziggy’s hollow and dishonest plea. Elsie fully intended to kill Ziggy but something within her heart compelled her to pause at the performance of Ziggy. An act that reached deep inside Elsie’s heart and triggered feelings Elsie thought she locked deep away before engaging in this battle. Along with her body being in shock from the injury, her mind as well remained in disbelief. Thankfully though, a third party arrived to save her from such a situation. A savior in the form of a person who too wishes to kill her. Justice.

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