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One Piece chapter 995 - The allies of the Straw Hat Pirates

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One Piece Chapter 995 – The Phoenix, The Mink, The Marine And The Kunoichi

One Piece chapter 995 - The allies of the Straw Hat Pirates

Aside from the events transpiring within the Live Floor with the Ice Oni plague and against Ulti and Page One, the rest of chapter focused primarily on the allies the Straw Hat Pirates have accumulated over their journey. Each of the allies highlighted within the past few chapters have been positioned at integral areas to assist the Straw Hat Pirates within this war. The allies that have yet to make reappearances such as Law and Kid will appear in moments when the Straw Hat Pirates look to be overwhelmed i.e. when Luffy faces off against Kaido. At present though, Marco is looking to prevent Big Mom from stopping the Straw Hat Pirates. Carrot and Wanda have engaged Perospero with the intent to defeat him. Drake is targeting Apoo who holds the “antibody” for the Ice Oni plague. And Tama has arrived to save Nami and Usopp from the attacks of Ulti and Page One. Each of the allies didn’t have to fight alongside the Straw Hat Pirates but they have all chosen to. Such is the attraction of the Straw Hat Pirates and in particular, their captain, Monkey D. Luffy.

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