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One Piece Chapter 986 – The Courage To Face Your Fear

One Piece chapter 986 - Momonosuke recalls asking his father the meaning of his name

Say it! Shout it out loud for the whole world to hear. The resolve of your heart. The echoes of your suffering. The demons of your mind. Consolidate your courage and pierce through the shroud of terror crippling the conviction of yourself. In the face of the end, look straight ahead and express the unwavering will you hold. Kaido and the verisimilitude of death be damned. Who are you? Embrace your blood and burn your presence within the minds of those in attendance for your end. You are the man able to pull a country cast into ruin out from the hell it now exist in and into a reality outside exploitation, sadism and inhumanity. You are, what you believe you are!

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