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One Piece chapter 984 - Yamato is reminded of his battle with Ace when engaging Luffy

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One Piece Chapter 984 – The Daughter Of Kaido

One Piece chapter 984 - Yamato reveals her face

Wow. Just wow. Even though I expected such a twist, the reality of the twist subjecting its contours and possibility onto my psyche has me electrified at the potential avenues in terms of development this reveal just brought about. The thought (Yamato’s identity) crossed me mind. I entertained it shallowly but cast its existence into the realm of improbability in favour of a flow more coloured in “actuality” but the sheer fantasy of the possibility existed within my mind. How euphoric it feels, that something so delusional and unlikely has manifested itself into substance. I dare hope more possibilities guised under the veil of impossibility be more than what we as the readers are intentionally “misled” to believe.

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