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One Piece chapter 979 - The Tobi Roppo and Kaido

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One Piece Chapter 979 – The Meritocracy Of The Beast Pirates

One Piece chapter 979 - The Tobi Roppo and Kaido
Except for Drake, did Kaido end up defeating the other member’s crews prior to them joining?

To think that Pirates crews can become so large that the system of meritocracy has to be implemented in order to motivate its members to continue contributing to the crew. It appears that the Beast Pirates are less a Pirate Crew and more a criminal organisation or even beyond that with the different divisions and number of members, a small nation. Given the power and influence the Yonko wield it does make sense that their operations can grow in size to such levels but to think that it can involve corrupting a nation and twisting it to become a weapons producer for the different factions vying for power around the world. Contrary to Kaido’s introduction where it appeared he wished to kill himself, he is a very ambiguous individual.

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