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One Piece Chapter 955 – The Coming Of The Storm

One Piece chapter 955 - The beginning of the Wano Kuni war

And so it begins…

Crocodile felt it. Enel felt it. Rob Lucci felt it. Moria felt it. Hody felt it. Caesar felt it. Doflamingo felt it. Katakuri nurtured it. The Marines realise it. The World Government fears it. Whitebeard recognized it. Ace sacrificed his life for it. Shanks ignited it. Buggy is envious of it. Law supports it. Big Mom’s territory was shaken by it. And now that storm known as Luffy is targeting the strongest creature in world, Kaido, whom is seriously underestimating the threat this one rookie poses. And can bet such disrespect will undeniably lead to Kaido’s downfall.

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