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One Piece Chapter 950 – The Heir To Wano Kuni

One Piece chapter 950 - The graves of Wano Kuni

What it meant for the people of Wano Kuni to liberate themselves from the crushing shackles of Orochi and Kaidou

Even though minimal coverage has been focused on Kozuki Oden as a character relative to the Wano Kuni Arc, he has been established as an honourable and powerful character, one who cared about the country of Wano Kuni and wished for it to genuinely prosper both economically and socially. With his son now standing in his position foreign to the weight shouldered on such a leadership role, how will Momonosuke react to the responsibility and courage asked of him? From now on, Momonosuke cannot merely reside in the background and leave the mess in the Wano Kuni for someone else to clean up, he has to proactively lead the eyes asking questions of him to fight for their own freedom and future.

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