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One Piece Chapter 935 – Hyougoro And Luffy

One Piece chapter 935 - Luffy attacks the Prison Headliner

There is no prison that can confine the spirit of people like Luffy

Luffy’s straight forward personality and condensed outlook on life has led phim to attacking a Headliner in order to protect an old man called Hyougoro, who happens to be one of the people the Straw Hat Pirates require in order to rally a rebellion before their assault on Onigashima Island against Kaidou. Hyougoro is a man of legend within Wano Kuni who is deeply respected and beloved by many longing for the days before Orochi’s upheaval that cast the people’s reality into a nightmare of misery, hopelessness and despair. If the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies seek to establish a significant force to take on the Beast Pirates, they will require Luffy to escape with Hyougoro.

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