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One Piece Chapter 929 – Lord Kurozumi Orochi

One Piece chapter 929 - colour spread

Does having Nami and Robin as the central focus mean anything? Could they finally get some quality coverage in battle during this arc?

Orochi looks different than what I expected but given his meeting with CP0 and the way he forced them into a corner with the threat of Kaido, he isn’t afraid of making the World Government his enemy well as long as he has someone strong backing him. It has become obvious that Orochi is currently enjoying the benefits of having allied with the World Strongest Creature rather than being the one who the Marines and World Government fear. If that element of fear is taken away, where would Orochi hide? I’m sure Orochi is somewhat capable but the one pulling most of the weight and striking terror in any rebellion and opposition is Kaido and the Beast Pirates.

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