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One Piece Chapter 844 – Luffy And Sanji

One Piece chapter 844 - Luffy and Sanji 1

Luffy understands what Sanji is trying to do

Luffy may not be the smartest pirate to sail the seas, but my goodness can he see through people. He is able to look past the apparent form and understand what lies beneath hidden away. Sanji was doing his best to find an outcome that saves the most people, even if it meant sacrificing his own dreams in the process. Luffy understood the hollowness in Sanji’s comments as well as the pain within his kicks and chose to continue believing in Sanji. As much as Sanji wanted Luffy to leave, Luffy knows he needs to stay. Their bond has not been severed. And Luffy knows Sanji does not really want to sever their bond.

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