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Fairy Tail Chapter 515 – Irene And Erza

Fairy Tail chapter 515 - Irene protecting Erza

How cruel humanity can be…

Irene endured for her child, she lived for her child and she even sacrificed her own humanity to protect her child. It was not by choice, it was by circumstance. When everything else was falling down around her, it was her love for her daughter that empowered her, her love that wished to protect her daughter. I just cannot see this battle going on without those feelings and sacrifices being reciprocated. Irene may be trying to kill Erza now, but once upon time before her senses numbed and emotions froze, she lived to protect her Erza. If it is Erza, I am sure she will save her mother and make her feel again, feel what it is like to be a mother. Please save Irene, Erza…

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