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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 29 - The Battle Princess, Mina, arrives at the scene

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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 29 – The Battle Princess Arrives

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 29 - The Battle Princess, Mina, arrives at the scene

It makes sense now why Soshiro took such a liking to Kafka. The situation with Kafka reflected his own in a way. Just as how Soshiro wanted to push himself in a direction others saw as a futile struggle with an inevitable end, Kafka now seeks to accomplish something he doesn’t appear to be suited for. There is the obvious difference of Kafka possessing a Kaiju within him but from Soshiro’s perspective, Kafka is someone seemingly unfit for the Defense Force yet an individual possessing an immense amount of passion to exceed their limitations. Soshiro resonated with the struggle Kafka was going through and sought to be the support for Kafka which he didn’t have until he met Mina. Soshiro understands there is merit behind that which isn’t noticeably apparent at first glance and if given the chance, anyone can begin to substantiate their value. And Soshiro wasn’t wrong, thanks to Kakfa’s experience as a Kaiju dismantler, he brings a very unique perspective to the Defense Force which has displayed utility in the previous Kaiju attacks they were in. Likewise, Soshiro’s efforts in this current battle against the Humanoid Kaiju (Kaiju #10?) has carved the path out for Mina to unleash. And with the Battle Princess now at the scene, the Humanoid Kaiju can get the fight it so intensely craves.

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