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Doctor Strange (2016) Review

Doctor Strange Poster 1

The possibilities are endless

One aspect I love about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is how each film tries to differentiate itself from what came before and how each film pushes forward a different theme/genre within the universe ultimately expanding on what we know so far. Sure there is a formulaic approach underlying the MCU but the surrounding material that fills the variables does its best to characterise the film as unique with a distinct personality. Doctor Strange introduces the relevance of magic (and the multiverse) within the MCU and the dark forces present eager to sink their darkness within the Earth and its populace.

Doctor Strange is a story about a genius surgeon who loses the use of his hands after an accident. Out of options and possibilities within medical science, he finds hope within a similar case that leads him to Kathmandu. There he meets the Ancient One and learns that what he knows about the world is just a fraction of actuality.

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Train To Busan (2016 Film)

Train to Busan poster 1

What would you do?

If America has World War Z, Britain 28 Days Later, Australia Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, then South Korea has Train to Busan. A powerful character driven film with the zombie apocalypse in its outbreak stage that reveals not only the dark and depressing nature of human beings but the contrasting elements of belief, determination and sacrifice. Emotional, tense, exciting and tragic, Train to Busan is an inspiring and compelling take on the zombie-genre.

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Suicide Squad Film (2016) Review

Suicide Squad - Film Poster

The cast from left to right: Slipknot, Captain Boomerang, Enchantress, Katana, Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, and El Diablo

Crazy, unconcerned and psychotically jagged, Suicide Squad will treat you to moments of fun but largely engulf you in an onslaught of hollowness and disjointed writing. By the end of the film, the main thought overriding my mind was ‘what was the point?’ Were the Suicide Squad really ‘bad guys’ and did they prove to the audience that they can be humanity’s salvation?

The film does follow on from the events of Batman v Superman and it does introduce new elements that set up or potentially sets up future stories in the DCEU, but they are kept largely minimal. Apart from the end and Batman investigating certain meta-humans, there isn’t much to take away from the film. Hell, we didn’t even get confirmation of who killed Robin in the film, David Ayer had to confirm it during one of his interviews that it was ‘the Joker’ who killed Robin.

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X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

X-Men Apocalypse - Apocalypse

Sadly, Apocalypse displays more intrigue in this poster than the film

With the existence of mutants now known, the tension between those without abilities and those with mutations fractures into a divide filled with discrimination and fear. Those with mutations fear the treatment they will suffer at the hands of non-mutants if the truth of their difference were to be revealed and of the monsters they will have to become in order to survive. In fear of others and themselves, they hide. Non-mutants, in fear of those with abilities, develop countermeasures to protect themselves. With this widening divide forcing those with mutations to live in the shadows, the sight of this reality offends the very first mutant, Apocalypse otherwise known as ‘En Sabah Nur’, now awakened from his coma-like state of suspended animation thanks to the efforts of his followers (who believe him to be a God). Coming to terms of the reality of the time, of how mutants have become overshadowed by the weak, Apocalypse resolves to wipe clean the slate of the worlds image and rebuild it again into one ruled by himself and his mutant ‘children’.

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