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Edens Zero Chapter 164 - Shiki VS Shura and Ziggy VS Nero


Edens Zero Chapter 164 – Shiki VS Shura: Gravity’s Beginning

Edens Zero Chapter 164 - Shiki VS Shura and Ziggy VS Nero

What we thought was the end of the gravity was but a layer masking the deeper depths that lay beyond. Gravity doesn’t just affect the world but ALL matter whether it holds form or not. Poseidon Nero discovered this truth much too late and as such not only had his life crushed but his Ether Gear drained by Ziggy’s gravity. Shura even learned about gravity’s potential right before his defeat. What Shura thought was merely a force to weight others down with was only a fraction of the face of possibility. Gravity, as a power, exist in a form much deeper than that. The weight of its force lies in the resolve driving its application. A foundation shaken within Shura by the doubts manifesting within his heart. It is also due to gravity that Ziggy managed to activate the antimatter bombs on Nero 66. What remains now is to see whether gravity can in turn also remedy this situation. How will Shiki and Rebecca use their combined powers to save everyone?

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