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Edens Zero chapter 148 - Pino and Happy VS Nasseh

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Edens Zero Chapter 148 – Pino & Happy VS Nasseh: Hypnosis

Edens Zero chapter 148 - Pino and Happy VS Nasseh

An Ether Gear that derives the majority of its application through the mystery surrounding its limitations. When a target is oblivious to the methodology of its initiation, the effect of hypnosis is almost guaranteed but what happens when knowledge of its rules is held by the target? Certainly avenues to nullify its hold would be taken. Such is the case in the battle against Nasseh. The Edens team are currently submerged in a sea of unknown but due to the fragments of information so far presented, it may be possible for the Edens team to piece together a deduction on which to act. Hypnosis applied through non-standard means with the name “The Eye of Horus”. That in conjunction with the Ether streams passing through Nasseh’s eyes, it seems apparent how his hypnosis is being applied onto a target.

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