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Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 138 - Mikasa farewells Eren

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Shingeki No Kyojin Chapter 138 – Farewell

Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 138 - Mikasa farewells Eren

The choice left front of Eren was always an impossible one. Fear had defined the ages and hatred had entrenched it deeply within the worlds truth. To live, meant despising the source of such terror. The Eldians became demons within the eyes of many. And a divide was created both physically and mentally to segregate such dread. Even the Eldians themselves who bore no responsibility for the atrocities committed in the past were taught to hate their history and themselves because of the blood that flowed through their veins. The only solution past Eldians came up with was isolating themselves from the world until the world was ready to cast their judgement and justice on those Eldians. It was a desperate attempt to carve out an age of peace within a time of conflict. Ultimately though, only more suffering amounted through the ignorance imprisoning those on Paradis. Such repercussions from the past became a ghost to Eren haunting him every moment since becoming aware of Eldia’s history. Having possessed the power to shift the direction of the future, Eren chose that which was important to him. To forsake the world in favour of his homeland. For Paradis’s continuation. At the end of it all, the remnants of Eren’s desires fueled by the nature of the Founding Titan organism saw his actions force his comrades against him. With Mikasa ultimately being the one to liberate Eren from his struggle. And the one to say the final farewell to the boy who deep down only wished freedom for the world.

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