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Edens Zero chapter 134 - Ziggy seeks the All-Link system from the Aoi Cosmos

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Edens Zero Chapter 134 – The Chaos Within The Aoi Cosmos

As the inevitable clash between the players relevant to the arising conflict edges ever closer, the unfortunate reality of innocence getting caught between the fighting manifests. The chaos on Foresta wrapped every single inhabitant in its agony and now as a response to Ziggy’s move, Shura has spread disinformation about the threat the robots pose and declared them a danger to the humans living within the Aoi Cosmos that needs to be removed. In an attempt to rally support behind his madness, Shura has constructed a deceptive narrative in which those humans seeking freedom and survival have no choice but to cast their support behind him. And in a hollow attempt to substantiate his claims, he arbitrarily judged innocent androids as rebels and had them killed. With the chaos from Foresta expanding, the whole of the Aoi Cosmos looks set to be consumed by such a darkness.

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