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Edens Zero chapter 130 - The Oceans 6, Shura and Ijuna

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Edens Zero Chapter 130 – Emperor Poseidon Nero

Edens Zero chapter 130 - The Oceans 6, Shura and Ijuna

As Ziggy’s encounter with Nero grows ever closer, the forces conflicting within the Aoi Cosmos begin to make their move. The Oración Seis Interstellar dispatches Jaguar and Eraser to assist Justice in the battle against the galactic criminals present in the current space. Poseidon Nero in turn with his Cosmos threatened follows the energies guiding his path through his sacred dice. Nero relinquishes his role in the defense of the Aoi Cosmos and instead leaves the responsibility in the hands of his son, Shura, who now has control over Nero’s Elite fighting unit, the Oceans 6. Other forces such as Elsie’s Pirate Fleet and Edens Zero continue their search for Ziggy. Within that objection though, Edens Zero gets a secondary objective through Xenolith who has agreed to train Shiki and help him master the Magimech Gravity Martial Arts.

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