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One Piece chapter 1015 - Yamato arrives on the roof of Onigashima and challenges his father

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One Piece Chapter 1015 – Continue The Fight

One Piece chapter 1015 - Momonosuke relays Luffy message

Ah, what a glorious chapter. Within the inevitability of darkness, where prospects of hope and the tangibility of courage cease to exist, a glimmer piercing the veil of shadows endures. A miracle. A message. A mind unyielding to the inabilities of the past. Luffy has not lost. Luffy will not lose. Luffy refuses to lose. He will make it back to Kaido and beat him. The battle has not reached its end, it is but at a point where all hopes have gathered behind Luffy and Momonosuke. The Samurai may not know Luffy but they believe in Momonosuke and Momonosuke believes in Luffy. Every second endured is a second closer to Luffy’s return and Kaido’s defeat. Don’t give up! And Fight!

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