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One Piece chapter 1013 - Ulti overwhelmed by Big Mom in one hit

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One Piece Chapter 1013 – The Might Of The Yonko

One Piece chapter 1013 - Luffy knocked out and knocked off Onigashima Island by Kaido

None of the challengers so far facing off against Big Mom and Kaido have yet to escape the gaping chasm of differing power levels that exist between the Emperor and themselves. Page One encountered Big Mom and was taken out by one hit. Likewise, Ulti, looking for an avenue to vent her rage sourced from witnessing Page One getting injured has met the same fate when facing off against Big Mom. After one hit from Big Mom’s Master Cannon, Ulti is unconscious and defeated. The only two characters that have somewhat challenged the Yonko are Luffy and Zoro. Yet, both are incapacitated with Zoro momentarily out of commission and Luffy unconscious plummeting from Onigashima floating in the sky toward the ocean below or the Wano mainland if Onigashima has reached it. Will an ‘ally’ able to traverse the skies save Luffy or will the awaiting ground or ocean below greet Luffy with its vast embrace?

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