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One Piece chapter 1003 - Luffy taking on Kaido

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One Piece Chapter 1003 – Luffy And Zoro VS Kaido

One Piece chapter 1003 - Luffy taking on Kaido

The qualities of an emperor are on full display within this chapter. Despite Luffy’s loss to Kaido earlier in the arc when he was completely overwhelmed, Luffy identified a path forward and during the two weeks leading up to the Fire Festival, training was undergone to prepare himself for the battle against Kaido. The inability to injure Kaido was the hurdle Luffy needed to overcome and thanks to Hyogoro and Luffy’s tenacity, Luffy was able to advance his Haki. The speechlessness of Big Mom and the pressured reaction of Kaido conveys how extraordinary Luffy’s growth is.

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