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One Piece chapter 1000 - colour spread

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One Piece Chapter 1000 – Straw Hat Luffy

One Piece chapter 1000 - colour spread

The winds of change began blowing on that day two years ago. And as it journeyed across the Grandline Big Mom ignored it. Kaido ignored it. And all the other opponents whom faced and lost to Straw Hat Luffy ignored it. Now the threat carried along with the wind arrives at the doorstep the Yonko and oblivious to their own arrogance, Big Mom and Kaido at the chapter 1,000 mark now understand how narrow-minded they may have been. The age in which they go unchallenged has ended. The titles they used to cast the shadow of terror are just that in the face of these new generation of pirates, titles. Sea and adventure have embraced a new generation of pirates. And the one at the front leading the new era is Straw Hat Luffy, the man who declares to surpass the Yonko and become the King of Pirates. Congratulations on 1,000 chapters One Piece!

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