One Piece Chapter 904 – The Executives Of The Revolutionary Army

One Piece chapter 904 - The Executives of the Revolutionary Army

Interesting bunch, curious to learn their stories and how they ended up members of the Revolutionary Army

Not only will the Straw Hat Pirates, the Shichibikai, the Yonko, the failings of the Marines and the Fishman Island proposal be relevant in the upcoming Reverie but the Revolutionary Army also seeks to declare their war against the Tenryuubito during the Reverie. Dragon has assembled all his Executives in order to take their war against the injustice of the world to the next level. As it stands the manifestation of the that injustice they seek to fight exist in the form of the current Tenryuubito who undeservedly carry themselves as Gods.

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One Piece Chapter 903 – The Fifth Emperor

One Piece chapter 903 - Luffy's new bounty

Along with the rising of the sun, a moment that will define the course of the eventual sweeps across the world.

Challenging the vast maelstrom in front of him called reality, one man along with his comrades takes up arms to defend and restore the freedom they have desperately fought and endured for. Even if that wall in front of them be an Emperor governing the seas, they have over the course of their journey built up the conviction to scale such walls. And in doing so, such conviction has become a storm so refreshing that those subject to its winds are compelled to take notice of the man called Monkey D. Luffy. With the successful infiltration of Big Mom’s territory and the damage caused as a result, the world has finally become aware of a power/existence unaffected by the established powers ruling over the seas.

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One Piece Chapter 902 – Escape

One Piece chapter 902 - Big Mom's melody

What an apprehensive melody

Along with the light at the end of the tunnel arises the shadow of uncertainty following closely behind and such is the end reached with the joyous escape dipped deep within the foreboding nature of its substance. An end with ominous shades and threatening consequences. The Straw Hat Pirates escaped yet their allies: the Sun Pirates, Jinbe, the Germa 66, Capone, Chiffon, Pound, Pudding, Caesar and Pedro, their fates were left uncertain and largely at the mercy of the Big Mom Pirates.

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One Piece Chapter 901 – Against The Odds

One Piece chapter 901 - Luffy and Jinbe

That’s an interesting development surrounding Jinbe, will he official join in Wano when the whole crew regathers?

How wild. How creatively shrewd Oda-sensei. So the events in the previous chapter actually occurred. Rather than any sort of delusion or memory altering ability, the Straw Hat Pirates escaped out of sheer will and through the presence of their allies. Wadatsumi did what only he could do and that was to switch the Thousand Sunny with the Sun Pirates Ship and attempt to escape with the Straw Hat Pirates stored inside his mouth. He almost got away but now with the Sun Pirates helmed by their Captain, the “Knight of the Sea” Jinbe, the Straw Hat Pirates should be able gain enough distance to escape. The only obstacle left now, Big Mom.

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One Piece Chapter 900 – The Drug Called Deliciousness

One Piece chapter 900 - The Big Mom Pirates 2

The madness of what could be…

What terror. What destruction. What malignity. What madness. What deliciousness. What a reaction. Arriving along with the 900th chapter is the end of the Straw Hat Pirates or so it was portrayed as being. The Straw Hat Pirates weren’t destroyed, well more accurately, they can’t be, which in turn leaves the developments in the current chapter very curious. Why were such events shown? How do these events add to the story of this arc and move it forward? Did what we see really happen? Such questions beg answers and what we will most likely get is the answer being an imagined scenario manifested within the minds of the disillusioned.

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One Piece Chapter 899 – Escaping Totto Land

One Piece chapter 899 - The Sun Pirates

The Sun Pirates appear!

With Luffy now back on the Thousand Sunny, the crew can finally focus their efforts on escaping but having sailed too close to Cacao Island, they have left themselves open to being cornered by the Big Mom Pirates. Fortunately, the allies of the Straw Hat Pirates have resolved to assist them and with the exit rapidly closing, the Sun Pirates appear to pry open the path to escape again. The Germa, Firetank Pirates, Mink tribe and Sun Pirates have all cast their fates in with the Straw Hat Pirates and gambled on the man named Monkey D. Luffy.

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One Piece Chapter 898 – The Terror Of The Germa

The Germa VS The Big Mom Pirates

Within the heart of Cacao Island darkness descends to shield the Straw Hat Pirates from the assault of those eager to take their heads. Injured and targeted, Sanji carries Luffy toward the safety of the Thousand Sunny with the assistance of the Germa 66 who seek to express their terror onto the flesh of their betrayers. And with that in mind and filled with vengence, they unleash onto the Big Mom Pirates.

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