One Piece Chapter 889 – Big Mom’s Transformation

One Piece chapter 889 - Big Mom's transformation

She’s angry…

If Big Mom wasn’t strong enough already, she has now entered a state that surpasses even her rage induced frenzy. Who exactly is Charlotte Linlin and how did she get so powerful? Her further rise in strength further supports Big Mom being taken out by the cake Sanji, Pudding and Chiffon have made. No one comes close to Big Mom’s strength currently and other than Big Mom falling from the satisfaction of having tasted the sweetest treat she never knew existed, I don’t see any other way to defeat her based on the information we currently have available.

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One Piece Chapter 888 – The Mink Transformation

One Piece chapter 888 - Carrot's Moon Lion Transformation

Carrot’s Moon Lion Transformation

With a Full Moon revealing itself during the Tea Party event in Totland we finally get a glimpse at what the Mink’s Full Moon transformation is like. More than just sending the Mink into a feral state, the Moon transformation matures the Mink and enhances their capabilities. As for the white hair in that state, we will have to wait to see if the white hair is consistent through other Mink’s transformations or whether it is specific to just Carrot. What we can confirm is that the power associated with the Full Moon transformation is real.

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One Piece Chapter 887 – A Father’s Love, A Father’s Duty

One Piece chapter 887 - Pound


So this is what Pound’s story has been building up towards. Discarded by Linlin from the day his daughters were born and banished from the Charlotte family never to be allowed to see his daughters until today. The joy welling up inside Pound at the sight of his daughter being happy motivated Pound to lay his very life on the line to protect that happiness. In the end, in order to ensure Chiffon and her family escaped, Pound confronted Oven and drew away Oven’s wrath from Chiffon towards himself.

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One Piece Chapter 886 – Transcending One’s Limits

One Piece chapter 886 - Luffy's desire to get stronger

I can’t wait for the continuation of their fight

Looks like Luffy is privy to the Saiyan way of training, rather than taking the easy route and exploiting the opponents weakness, facing them at full strength can have the advantageous effect of forcing oneself passed their limits towards a new level of strength. And that level beyond his limits is exactly what Luffy is after. Luffy knows his current capabilities is not good enough and is painfully aware that in order to survive in the New World, he needs to push himself further than he has gone before. In order to force that change, he needs to face Katakuri at full power.

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One Piece Chapter 885 – Into The Fire

One Piece chapter 885 - Big Mom raging

Of all the places they could end up, they wind up there…

How unexpected, for Brulee to be there when Luffy needed a way to escape Katakuri while his Haki recuperates from using Gear Fourth. The absolute genius of that miracle is how it instantaneously twisted into misfortune. To have escaped Katakuri only to end up on the Island where Big Mom is raging. Of course Luffy wouldn’t be able to escape that easily but to wind up in the middle of THAT chaos, it was a complete surprise development, one which opens up the potential of this arc. How will Luffy escape Big Mom and if he escapes into a mirror with Brulee, will Katakuri allow him to escape through another mirror again?

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One Piece Chapter 884 – Gear Fourth Luffy VS Katakuri

One Piece chapter 884 - Luffy unleashes on Katakuri

Unleash it Luffy!

FINALLY! Katakuri finally got to have a taste of what Gear Fourth is like. An unmatched boldness mixed in with the sweetness of panic and seasoned with the spice of pain. A dish so fulfilling Katakuri couldn’t help but be taken aback by its explosive flavours. What a deliciously satisfying moment to signal the shift in momentum. That counterattack by Luffy has been a long time coming. Even with Katakuri regaining his composure, his weakness has been exposed. Luffy knows Katakuri isn’t invincible and with that Katakuri is now going to find out how badly he has underestimated Luffy. Defeat is going to be the next dish Katakuri taste. The liberating, mellow and ever bitter taste of defeat.

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One Piece Chapter 883 – Katakuri’s Secret

One Piece chapter 883 - Katakuri's secret

And what a scene it was!

Of course that was going to happen. Of course Katakuri flipped his own character image once away from the rest of the Big Mom Pirates. Of course he was secretly an eccentric character mad about sugar and sweets. Of course the Big Mom Pirates know nothing about this and remain oblivious to the true personalities of their family. Of course Oda-sensei surprised us again with how much fun he is having with Katakuri. But seriously, I did not expect that to happen. Until I saw Katakuri playing with his food while on his back in that ridiculous pose with his mouth wide open, I would not have believed it and yet with it having happened, it feels so natural.

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