One Piece Chapter 869 – “Assemble” GERMA 66

One Piece chapter 869 - Germa 66

From the flames of destruction and the embers of villainy, they arise! GERMA 66!

From bad to worse, the situation is just compounding in problems with Big Mom returning to her senses seething with rage towards the Straw Hat Pirates and the betrayal of Capone Bege. The Big Mom Assassination Plan has failed and as a result of Perospero and Katakuri, Capone’s Big Father castle is immobilized and unable to attack. With Big Mom attacking it, it is only a matter of time before Capone wears out and the castle disappears. With the Straw Hats Pirates outgunned and the Big Mom Pirates on the hunt for them, what final cards do the Straw Hat Pirates and allies have left to play that can salvage the situation and save them from their current misfortune? How will the Germa get their revenge? And how exactly will the Tamatebako come into play?

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One Piece Chapter 868 – Falling To Pieces

One Piece chapter 868 - Plan failed

What an overpowered rage blast

As much as I wanted the plan to succeed and go off without a stutter, it is as expected, the whole plan went to the dogs. Big Mom’s rage went beyond expectations, and as a result the KX Launcher missiles failed to penetrate her Haki and unfortunately for Caesar, his moment to be the hand of divinity reaching down to save ‘the less blessed’ plebs was prematurely cut short before it even began with the mirror he was in possession of shattering and sealing their escape path. With the Big Mom Pirates having reorganised themselves and Big Mom having directed all her rage towards the Straw Hat Pirates, will a straight-up versus’s scenario play out or are there other factors at work that will define the flow of the current chaos?

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One Piece Chapter 864-867 – Mother Caramel And Big Mom

One Piece chapter 865 - Big Mom rages

It has begun…

We finally get some back story on Linlin and her time with Mother Caramel whom she cherishes deeply. Even as a child Linlin was indifferent to the harm she caused others, oblivious to the damage she could cause. I get that she was young and still learning about life, society and the way of the world but the aspect of oneself that questions our actions and draws a line between right and wrong, that aspect seems to be completely missing from Linlin. Overarching her whole personality was a disconnect from her emotions, especially in terms of adjusting ones actions to the perceived societal norms. The only emotions Linlin knew to convey were reactionary ones central to a child – anger and want. Consequence is a concept foreign to Linlin and all she knows is that she needs what she wants.

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White Island (Mobile Game) Review

VisualShower - White Island

White Island – A Flower Unto Death

When a group of university students heads to a remote Island in search of their Professor who journeyed their for his studies, they find themselves caught in the cross hairs of a killer. One determined to ensure none make it off the Island alive. And deeper underneath is a conspiracy relating to a global company with effects extending throughout the world. And even further beyond that is the story of how all of this began, a story filled with tragedy, deceit and characters looking to escape the fate engulfing the freedom they desperately seek.

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Colossal (2017) Review

Colossal - Poster

What an unexpectedly enjoyable film that twist the conventional approach to ‘monster destruction’

Disguised in the clothing of a Kaiju film, Colossal draws you in with its mystery surrounding the massive monster threatening Seoul and the connection those events have on the main character currently residing within the USA. As you get deeper into the film, it becomes clear that the film belies its initial form and utilises the genre to push forward a totally different story. Yet at the same time, it keeps the “monster” theme central to the identity of the film. As each twist leaves you re-examining your perception of the story and it’s characters, you find yourself becoming engrossed by how such a genre can be distorted into one conveying themes filled with relevance, meaning and depth. Colossal is undeniably a colossal film that utilises its elements creatively to convey a powerful message.

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Alien: Covenant (2017) Review

Alien Covenant Poster

The result of man’s curiosity

Creation, a gift bestowed upon life to pursue the stream of existence yet within that pursuit, the perception of divinity and the desire for perfection taints the stream, distorting the gift towards understanding into a curse beckoning death. It is that perversion and ignorance of consequence that led to creation of the Xenomorph and its variants that we’ve come to know, fear and strangely love.

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One Piece Chapter 863 – Jinbe’s Resolve

One Piece Chapter 863 - Jinbe's resolve

Not even an ounce of fear!

Confronted by a Yonkou, a reasonable man would cower and flee yet the Straw Hat Pirates are filled with unreasonable people and those sharing similar qualities radiate towards them. Jinbe shares in the same conviction as the Straw Hat Pirates and with the might and rage of Big Mom directed towards him, he shows zero hesitation, fear and regret. Jinbe’s resolve has completely nullified Big Mom’s soul sucking ability relative to himself. This must be a rare for Big Mom, to have someone unafraid of her. Jinbe has finally cut his ties with the Big Mom Pirates and has expressed his intentions to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

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