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One Piece chapter 1060 - The World Government's secret weapon

One Piece Chapter 1060 – The World Government’s Secret Weapon

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One Piece chapter 1060 - The World Government's secret weapon

We have known about floating Islands in the sky since Skypiea and about man-made/alien Island flying constructs since that scene where Capone Bege was pulled into the sky pre-timeskip but this is the first time we have seen a Death Star type of weapon floating in the sky, although it could very be the construct Bege was attracted to pre-timeskip. With such a development, the World Government has now become the Empire within One Piece. If it was clear that the World Government are the final antagonist of One Piece (sorry Blackbeard), it should be very apparent now.

Beyond the fire power that World Government weapon possesses, the most terrifying aspect of it is the speed at which it possesses. I don’t really believe that construct was flying above skies the Kingdom of Lulusia the moment Sabo called the Kamabakka Queendom and the World Government traced the call which would mean that the construct was between the Red Line (Sabo’s last known confirmed location) and the eight nations that revolted against the World Government in a previous day (will we get further details of this going forward?). I suspect that once Sabo’s located was identified, the construct would needed to have traveled a fair bit to reach the Kingdom of Lulusia as I don’t believe the weapon was conveniently waiting above the Island for Sabo’s location to be confirmed on that Island.

This World Government Death Star is a serious threat to the denizen of the world and will need to be dealt with at some point. I don’t believe it will be in the next arc but once this weapon has some staying power within the story to become a threat to any freedom and liberation being pushed forward by the story and the characters, it will be the time to cash on that tension and deal with it as a legitimate threat. So potentially, within an arc after the next major one. But for the World Government to possess a weapon that can erase an Island from the world within seconds, it exceeds the Buster Call in every way. The framing of the scene presents Sabo as one of the victims but considering how he is only real important character there, he was likely saved. If not by the fact that he is a Logia Devil Fruit user and is able to turn into his element (fire) then it could be by someone else who possesses a Devil Fruit power. Was it Blueno with him Door Door ability or could Vivi be with Sabo with a Devil Fruit power of her own? Chances are Sabo likely turned into flames to nullify the blast damage to his physical body and escape the scene.

Turning to the Straw Hat Pirates, I always love it when the adventure turns to a Winter Island to explore. Besides loving the winter regions, ever since Punk Hazard, when I see snow and winter, I can’t help but think of Monet – yes, that is my obsession and delusion but let me have this moment please (Monet was so underutilized). With the development of Jewelry Bonney being the one stuck inside the enormous warm Eddy (nice slash Zoro), it confirms that next arc is Vegapunk. Every member of the Eleven Supernovas will have a chance to share focus with the Straw Hat Pirate within an arc. Law had it in Punk Hazard and Dressrosa (and Wano); Bege had it Whole Cake Island; Kid, Killer, X Drake, Apoo and Hawkins (and Law) had it in Wano. The only members who have yet to feature alongside the Straw Hat Pirates in an major arc are Jewelry Bonney and Urouge. I had theorized before that Bonney would be related to the Vegapunk arc and Urouge to the Elbaf/Giant/Sky Island arc. Now that Bonney has been saved by the Straw Hat Pirates, we will likely get a reveal from Vegapunk soon and his story.

One Piece chapter 1060 - Jewelry Bonney is saved by the Straw Hat Pirates

Bonney is connected to Kuma who in turn is connected to Vegapunk. Bonney blames Vegapunk for what happened to Kuma – being turned into a Pacifista that was abused by the Tenryuubito. If Bonney was still focused on her vengeance, she would be chasing after Vegapunk after Kuma was saved during the Reverie. The fact that there is also an unnatural enormous warm Eddy floating in the sky there also adds to the suspicion that Vegapunk could have had a hand in causing that. Along with Vegapunk, will we also get the reintroduction’s of Caesar and Judge? I really hope the Germa 66 are used within the story more going forward as I really am a fan of them. Also the unfiltered hope within me also prays that Monet also returns to the story as she has worked in the same facility as Vegapunk before – I am certain of my theory that Monet with Caesar and Vegapunk while undercover before Punk Hazard was destroyed by Caesar which explains why Caesar’s trust Monet so much to make her his aide and reveal that he was the one to destroy the Island when no one else on the Island knew about it (remember he was maintaining an act albeit a humorously unconvincing one).

If Vegapunk is being covered next, this would mean that Elbaf and the Giant story is being saved for a later arc which could allow Yamato to find what they are looking for in Wano and realise that they need to travel beyond the nation. Also, beside Shanks, Sabo and the Straw Hat Pirates, the only other person who now knows about Luffy’s dream after becoming Pirate King is Yamato. I find Yamato destined to become a Straw Hat Pirate member at some point in the future. The Straw Hat Pirates could learn more about the history of Oni through Vegapunk and his research. Beyond that, since I believe the Sky Islands are connected to Elbaf (one of the entry ways to the Sky Island), I believe this will be when the World Government Death Star will be dealt with. It has been confirmed that there have been Giants on Sky Island’s in the past (Skypiea Arc – note the Giant on the map and note the giant axe). It would be cool to see Yamato feature in this battle. Very much looking forward to the next chapter! (Robin you are such a tease keeping relevant information from the reader’s because Luffy isn’t interested in it).

Enjoyment level: 8/10

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