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One Piece chapter 1059 - Shakuyaku is the former Empress of Amazon Lily

One Piece Chapter 1059 – Assault On Amazon Lily

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One Piece chapter 1059 - Shakuyaku is the former Empress of Amazon Lily

What a spectacular turn of events to introduce the new technology of the Marines and consolidate the chaos erupting within the New World with the dissolution of the Shichibukai and the defeats of two of the Yonko. What appeared to be a likely victory for the Marines turned into a conflict that saw Blackbeard make an entrance and even the reintroduce Rayleigh into the story along with Shakuyaku who was a former Empress of Amazon Lily and the the former captain of the Kuja Pirates. How wild. I love it.

What I find curious about Blackbeard’s assault on Amazon Lily is his desire to steal Hancock’s Devil Fruit, why? I get that it is powerful but there is no way to utilise the ability of the Mero Mero no Mi to its fullest without it being in the possession of someone who is able to induce emotions of the lust and perversion in others. It would be an ineffectual Devil Fruit amongst the current members of the Blackbeard Pirates, no offense. Was Blackbeard just blinded by Hancock’s expertise over the Mero Mero no Mi or does Blackbeard possess some plan to also make full use of the Devil Fruit? Would Blackbeard pay Sanji a visit to get his face rearranged like Duval so that the Mero Mero no Mi would unlock its abilities fully for him then? Whatever the case, it seems like a poorly thought out move by Blackbeard to attack Amazon Lily. All he got after that was Koby who possesses no Devil Fruit and will eventually escape or be a thorn in his side i.e. provide Luffy and the Marines with information on Blackbeard and his future plans and/or lineage.

One Piece chapter 1059 - Blackbeard nullifies Hancock's powers

The Seraphim Pacifista is such an fascinating development. I was not expecting the World Government to interface the biological abilities of Lunarian’s into the Pacifista but it does perfectly provide reason for why the World Government were happy to dissolve the Shichibukai. The research most likely derived from the experiments done to Alber aka King during his capture on Punk Hazard but what is surprising are the forms the new Seraphim Pacifista take – children. And not just any children who possess the appearance of Lunarians and a younger Hancock? I suppose the boy version of the Seraphim Pacifista is modeled after a younger King? If this is the case, it does make me wonder, why would a Seraphim Pacifista integrating the abilities of the Lunarian race by modeled after Hancock? Hancock was a prisoner of the Tenryuubito in the past and this could be where they procured her DNA from which could have made them realise that Hancock and potentially the Kuja people as a whole are descendants of the Lunarian race. If Hancock does possess Lunarian DNA, does Marigold and Sandersonia also possess it or is Hancock their half sister with a different parent (one who is part Lunarian). I just don’t get it, why model a Pacifista in the form of a younger Hancock (the form she had when she was first captured and sold to the Tenryuubito) and not something else. If the theme of the new Seraphim Pacifistas are Lunarians, it could very well mean that Hancock has Lunarian blood within her. If Hancock is related to the Lunarian people, it would establish a new thread linking her to the current core conflict ongoing within the story of One Piece, the main conflict, one involving the World Government and the Gorosei. It would also provide an avenue for the Lunarian story to progress and move forward on.

One Piece chapter 1059 - The Seraphim Pacifista modeled after the Lunarian race and a younger Hancock

Turning to Yamato, was the attack from Aramaki really that concerning to become an overall concern to him? Because of such a threat, Yamato has chosen to remain in Wano to protect it. What is also interesting is the comment Yamato made about going to search for something to keep himself busy – what could it be? Could it be information on his lineage and how it relates to Wano? The story of the Oni has only been introduced and with Kaido’s defeat, the only other Oni remaining which that story can progress through is Yamato. And the story of the Oni is important given its connection to the Giants and Ancient Giants. I suspect Yamato will locate some clues on his family’s history within Wano. Also it is nice to see Luffy call Yamato by their name now. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

Enjoyment level: 9/10

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