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One Piece Chapter 1058 – Buggy's fortunate misfortune

One Piece Chapter 1058 – A Clown’s Fortunate Misfortune

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One Piece Chapter 1058 – Buggy's fortunate misfortune

Ever since the happenings surrounding Buggy within his initial appearance and the cover pages featuring him and his adventures, especially his meeting with Ace and the events that transpired within Impel Down, he has captured the essence of fortunate misfortune. Buggy may not get what he wants through the circumstances unraveling around him but what occurs is a miraculous level of serendipity that puts the fortune in misfortune. Truly, when it come to Buggy, when fortune strike, it always misses the mark for him hence that humorous spin of mis-fortune he is embraced by. Such a conveyance is expressed comprehensively within this chapter.

With Crocodile and Mihawk leagues ahead of Buggy in terms of power, it was never a question of how Buggy convinced the two to go ahead with such a plan but always what situation arose to force such a development. And by all accounts, the actuality of what happened exceeded even what I suspected may have occurred. It was nothing short of glorious and comical gold. Ah Buggy, I sometimes wonder whether the luck embracing you like a shadow is even more powerful than the fortune blessing Luffy. As things stand, I find it hilarious that Buggy has a larger bounty than Luffy, who just defeated Kaido and even fought Big Mom extensively. Those Crocodile and Mihawk bounty reveals were a treat.

One Piece Chapter 1058 – Zoro teasing Sanji regarding the new bounties

Great to also see the new bounties on each of the Straw Hat Pirate crew members. Finally, all is right with the world of One Piece with Zoro holding a bounty higher than Sanji. Say what you want but within the story of One Piece, Sanji is less powerful, dangerous and cool when compared with Zoro. If Sanji still had his Stealth Black suit, I may think differently. At the very least, Sanji did earn his current bounty increase with his efforts during the Onigashima raid as opposed to the bounty increase he received after the Whole Cake Island Arc where his family name carried the increased infamy. Usopp’s reaction to his bounty was hilarious and how comforting to see Robin FINALLY getting a bounty that matches the danger she possesses to the World Government. Robin is by no means weak and her analytical, processing and tactical abilities on top of her being the ONLY person in the world who can read the Poneglyphs (currently*) definitely makes her a dangerous existence for the World Government and the Marines. While the World Government are at it, they should also take note of Nami’s ability to damage opponents likes Luffy, Sanji and Zoro like they are nothing. Nice of Jinbe to pick on Nami’s “special” aura.

Turning to Sabo, as I mentioned before, I don’t suspect that he was the one who killed Cobra. The blame is likely being attached to him because of <circumstances>. The phone call “Sabo” will have with Koala will likely shed more clarity on what exactly happened during the Reverie. Also nice to see that Kuma is back with the Revolutionaries but I wonder how the changes done to him will impact what will happen going forward surrounding the Revolutionaries story. Dragon is also about to see what Scientist working for the Marines have been working on. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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