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Star Wars: Andor (Episode 1-3)

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Star Wars: Andor - poster

Andor is such a phenomenal series. It presents the Star Wars universe in such a fascinating and eerily compelling manner. It becomes easy to forget that beyond the battle of balance ongoing between light and dark and at times the same forces, there exist the side of the universe that doesn’t have the privilege to engage in such ideological reflection. Within that exhibition, Andor feels like a breath of fresh air. While the Jedi and Sith embody the core iconic appeal of Star Wars, the meaning of Star Wars lies more entrenched in it’s universe and the societies conflicting and harmonizing within.

Andor expands on the story of Cassian Andor, who became a rebel hero by the time the events within the Rogue One film were covered. The series provides the path Andor walked in order to embrace what he can do and how he can fight the injustices persisting within the universe. It details the smaller moments and battles that eventually led to the universe being liberated from the clutches of the tyrannical Galactic Empire.

Those first 3 episodes of Andor are astoundingly effecting. I was not anticipating to be so enthralled by the narrative in play. It presents such a compelling premise where all sides of the conflict are delved into satisfactorily. From the Andor, to the Empire, to the corruption, to the every day man, to those in support of Andor. It is not merely a collision between protagonist and antagonist because within this story, those lines are blurred and in exchange, we have the desperate struggle of those believing they are right.

Little threads are slowly weaved together within that first act to tighten and lay down the foundation for what this series appears to be about. The introductory act climaxes in such a mesmerizing manner, you begin to remember why Star Wars is one of the greatest fictional works in existence currently. Beyond the mediocrity and damage the previous Disney live-action entries have done with the exceptions being The Mandalorian and Rogue One, Andor stands on top alongside them if not higher at this point. I really am enjoying this series and look forward to seeing how Andor’s journey leads toward the moments that took place within the Rogue One film. Also Diego Luna as Andor is doing an incredible job portraying the character.

Enjoyment level: 9.5/10

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