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Dota: Dragon’s Blood (Series) Review

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DOTA: Dragon's Blood poster

Based on the MOBA video game Dota 2, Dragon’s Blood is a series about balance, possibility and the ever changing reality that resides within the boundless entrenches of existence. Within the world’s creation, its life was split across several souls that now embody Dragons. A force that seeks to reshape existence in their own image coverts these souls and the possibility within them. A Dragon Hunter finds himself caught up in this pursuit where they are subsequently forced to engage in aspects of creation they would otherwise have been oblivious toward. Also within the center of this existential interplay between conflicting ancient forces is the Princess of the Moon.

I have watched season 1 of Dragon’s Blood last year but I only came to appreciate the true brilliance of Dragon’s Blood upon my second watch through before watching season 2. The dialog and deep mythology in play were lost on me during my first watch through. I really enjoyed Dragon’s Blood for a second time almost a year later. I understood the story and saw the potential it possessed. Still surprised I didn’t pick up on it initially, maybe I was expecting something different?

Found season 2 to be amazing except for how it ended – I am a bit indifferent on that type of conclusion. There were so many amazing characters introduced in season 2 with my favourite being Lina. She is a complete badass with such a curious past. Her power isn’t defined by some destiny but by the hardships that elevated her to become the ‘Slayer’. There is a compassion centered around her perspective which portrayals her as a very genuine character. She isn’t perfect and right. At one point she chooses to conflict against one of the protagonist not out of disagreement but out of the desire for a larger good. When faced with her antagonism, she doesn’t run from it but embraces it and accepts she is wrong. By the time the climatic incidents near the end of the season takes place, the audience are invested in Lina’s character which lays the foundation for the emotion that overwhelms the viewer after a certain scene. I hope for decisions to be made in season 3 that sees the outcome of season 2 not end in such a way. My heart needs that. And Lina is just one of the many characters the viewers comes to find themselves invested in. In particular, the final episode in season 2 evokes a deeply intertwined sadness in regards to certain characters. Those moments linger within your mind and heart much beyond the conclusion of the season because of how captivated you find yourself becoming to the characters. As I move along to season 3, I find myself hoping that the season emotionally elevates and embraces the outcomes of season 2 in regards to several characters.

Dota: Dragon's Blood episode 7 - Lina tends to Davion

As for the antagonist, I have enjoyed them a lot. While the main antagonist is a straight forward evil entity looking to enslave the power of creation and existence within the confines of their intentions, there is merit and intrigue within the path they construct to systematically tear down the boundaries of their freedom so that they can rebuild a new threshold with them existing outside. It would be interesting if there was a deeper story behind the nature of the main antagonist’s evil but evil existing as is is completely fine within this DOTA’s context. The most fascinating antagonists within the series though are The Invoker and Selemene because they aren’t just antagonist. They are character’s who exist beyond a label. Characters who present a story that is deeply compelling with the theme of tragedy, love and pride central to their arcs. They both exist within a chaotic state but their intentions are more aligned with self-interest than large-scale destruction. I personally enjoyed the journey Selemene went on in season 2 and seeing how far her obsession with a certain desire extended into madness. The coalescence of her humanity and “divinity” left me conflicted and pensive.

Dota: Dragon's Blood episode 7 - Selemene visits her daughter's grave

With season 3 (book 3) now out, I am very much curious to find out how elements introduced in season 1 but never majorly substantiated on in the latter parts of that season and in season 2 end up being progressed in season 3. The relevance of those elements can be implicitly speculated on but within the context of the growing threat relative to the story, I would like to know how those extant threads will be woven into the current conflict. Such possibility exist within the DOTA universe and I await excitedly to see how this expansive world can be further fleshed out.

Enjoyment level: 8.5/10

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