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Arcane Episode 7 - Jinx

Arcane: League Of Legends (Season 1) Review

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Arcane Episode 7 - Jinx

What a tragic and compellingly melancholy series yet one constructed on pillars of hope. Pain is an experience that connects us all yet by its nature see’s hearts deviate in division. Where one see’s a path to move forward on, others see a wall to destroy and break down. Mistakes befall us all. Failures embrace us all. Death awaits us all. Equally. And without bias. Just as we are born into this world together, we live in it together and disappear from it together. The true tragedy within Arcane isn’t the destruction caused but the compassion that was lost in the chaos of life. Perception, without a doubt, is one of the most powerful… and most dangerous abilities ever to exist.

Arcane was such an affecting series for me. It connected with me on such a resonant level and awakened a hunger for lore that I haven’t felt in a long time while watching a series. I wanted to submerge my mind in League content to know more about the world, its story and the people that exist in it. Everything hits on so many levels and the melody that is ultimately produced in the form of this series sings within my mind and heart. How can I be so invested into League when I have never played League of Legends before? Such is the presentation of Arcane that succeeds in enveloping not only those familiar with the franchise but appealing to completely new arrivals seeking genuine entertainment.

  • Arcane Episode 4 - The Lower City
  • The Upper City
  • Arcane episode 4 - Jinx's lab
  • Arcane episode 5 - Vo returns to the Lower City

The characterisations and cinematography in Arcane are amazing. From the panning shots that underline the drama to the close ups that circumscribe the personalities and story of the characters. Each episode slowly and meticulously builds on top of the last. You are left stunned, compelled and breathless after each episode. And the lore is the kind that can keep you up at night as you find your imagination lost in wonder at how fantastical the world on display is.

It also needs to be mentioned that I had strong Tekkonkinkreet vibes while watching Arcane. From the symbolism, to the theme of duality that includes the portrayal of the Lower/Upper City, Darkness/Light, fake (neon) light/real light, Biological/Technological progression, and Melee/Range weaponry. These elements contrast against and substantiate each other through their illustration. And overlapping within those elements, you have Powder who blurs the line between the themes through her journey of chaos. The story of family on display is also shared between the two titles – it was brotherhood in Tekkonkinkreet and here in Arcane, it is sisterhood.

You come to love all of the characters and concern yourself with how they are affected by the story playing out around them. The central characters who embody the heart of Arcane, Vi and Jinx, are incredibly awesome. Their intertwined stories are presented in such a unique manner that when the crossroads of choice appear, the weight of their subjectivity is deeply felt. You recognise why the decision was made and lament over the consequences wrought. Their story pulls at your heart and leaves it in such a vulnerable state where it desperately searches for hope. The experience is such a compelling, visceral and animating one. Also I can’t believe Viktor is one of the my favorite characters. I wouldn’t have thought so from his initial focus but throughout his journey during the season, he grew on me. I absolutely love his story arc and the perspective he provides to both the narrative driving the story and the chaos slowly encapsulating the inevitable conflict that will shatter the status quo. Those that know suffering, know kindness as well.

  • Arcane Episode 9 - Vi and Caitlyn witness the missle headed for Upper City
  • Arcane Episode 9 - Jinx looks up at Upper City
  • Arcane episode 6 - Mel and Jayce
  • Arcane episode 6 - Viktor

The journey it took to get Arcane off the ground and into what it is now is such a miraculous one (based on the articles and interviews with those involved). From conception it took 6-7 years of working on Arcane for it to be released to the general public. The team behind Arcane are new to producing series content. After all the resistance and rejection the team got about the pitch they made, they decided to move forward themselves with staff that had zero experience in the field. So, when you see the end result in context of the journey taken, you can’t help but be left in awe at the passion, commitment and love on display. The Arcane team had to transition their skills from producing games to producing music videos to producing a series and going forward, they will likely extend themselves to producing live-action content.

Despite the unpaved path the Arcane team had to take, the end result is such a phenomenal one. Like many others, I wasn’t versed in League of Legends but the series was able to construct something that both stood alone and inspired viewers to want to experience more of the world through other mediums – games, music videos, etc. I am so glad the Riot didn’t snuff out the enthusiasm and drive this team had. Because it is that love that makes Arcane such a wondrous existence in the realm of content. The whole series was an experience that gripped your heart and intoxicated it with captivating moments scene after scene. I love Arcane and it is without a doubt my series of 2021 (I watched it in December). I now find myself eagerly awaiting season 2.

Enjoyment level: 10/10 (it’s amazing)

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