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One Piece Chapter 1056 - Luffy, Kid and Law decide their next destination

One Piece Chapter 1056 – Preparing To Depart Wano

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One Piece Chapter 1056 - Luffy, Kid and Law decide their next destination

The Straw Hat Pirates conclude their loose ends in Wano and finally prepare to depart the land after having been disengaged from the outside world for a significant amount of time while events altering the landscapes of politics, power and possibility have transpired. The world has changed and the actions of Straw Hat Pirates on Wano have directly contributed to the reality they are about to return themselves into. The Straw Hat Pirates are now a Yonko crew with strong ally connections who are also about to get a new addition to their crew.

Buggy commanding other Shichibukai makes complete sense as that would embody one of the only ways he would be able to rise to the ranks of Yonko. I called it before and it appears that conclusion was correct. I was suspecting Buggy to have recruited more Shichibukai but commanding two of the most iconic Shichibukai, especially the strongest one, is enough to justify him holding the Yonko rank. I was not expecting the twist of issuing bounties on Marines but in these evolving times, it falls in line with the rising piracy. What has yet to be revealed are the Marines response to the increased activity. What have the SSG developed?

One Piece Chapter 1056 - Carrot the leader of the Mokomo Dukedom

Carrot’s promotion to a leadership position was an expected outcome after the story arc she has received. Those praying for Carrot to fill a nakama position aboard the Thousand Sunny weren’t receptive to all the story elements on display and likely warping the narrative to fit their own desires. It has been obvious for a long time what Carrot’s fate would be in the story. Those that read the story being told would have arrived at such a suspicion. A post I made about Carrot’s fate back in July 2020:

One Piece Arlong Park 2020 post regarding Carrot's future

It was established early on during the Wano Arc that Carrot would play a role similar to Vivi, Shirahoshi, Rebecca and Viola in their respective nations as leading figures who have come to know the Straw Hat Pirates and experienced how different things can be beyond how the current world sees it. Carrot becoming the new leader of the Mokomo Dukedom makes sense and is in line with how Carrot has been set-up and developed. I also made a follow-up post to the above one in November 2020 substantiating my belief.

Carrot had been introduced as the open-minded Mink curious about the rest of the world yet naive of the thorns hidden behind its beauty. That has changed through the course of Carrot’s journey. Whole Cake Island was one of the defining moments for Carrot. With Pedro’s sacrifice, she experienced the bitterness life holds and yet at the same time had a purpose ingrained in her whether she realises it or not (a “bittersweet” development indeed – the title of chapter 877). Carrot’s actions now show a maturity in her that was not present before when she first boarded the Thousand Sunny. Even if her reasoning for targeting Perospero is wanting, she is resolute in her opposition against him. As for Wanda being present in the fight against Perospero, that too plays a significant role in Carrot’s story. One of Carrot’s mentor figure is now present with her to witness the growth she has had over the course of her journey. Wanda will come to understand Carrot is not the sheltered child she was before. Carrot has matured and is now beginning to thread forward on her own feet. With Wanda’s endorsement of Carrot’s capabilities, I can see Carrot becoming more prominent in the Mink society and ultimately becoming a representative for the Minks when they reach out to other nations and people going forward. Carrot did find the mingling of different races in Whole Cake Island incredibly fascinating.

Syphin (23 November 2020)

Moving on to Law, Kid and Luffy, I love their interactions. Despite the conflict they all share, they engage with each other on such friendly terms. There is a level of respect shared amongst them. Eventually they will come together to fight again against a shared enemy. Law completely separating himself from the ridiculousness of Luffy and Kid is so on brand and based. Though it does need to mentioned that while he may act aloof, he has already made his decision in placing his support behind Luffy. Law’s encounter with Doflamingo during the Dressrosa Arc already clarified within Law’s mind how he sees Luffy. Law is completely behind Luffy and the upheaval of the world the Straw Hat Pirates will cause. Law may not express it but what he is does is ultimately in favour of what the Straw Hat Pirates are doing.

One Piece Chapter 1056 - Yamato chooses to travel with Luffy and be free like Oden

What I find curious is how Law and Kid are going to use the Road Poneglyph imprints they have in their possession. Without someone to decipher it how will they find Laugh Tale. At present, Robin is the only character who can read the Poneglyphs. Considering that fact and the relevance of the information Law and Kid has in combination with the Blackbeard Pirates inevitable destination, will Oda-sensei introduce additional characters who can read the Ancient Language? It has already been established that the Three-Eyed tribe can awaken their third eye and achieve the “Voice of All things” ability which enables the user to decipher and read the Poneglyph language. Without a doubt, the Three-Eyed tribe are going to become more relevant going forward. The Blackbeard Pirates will definitely “enlist” the services of an awakened Three-Eyed tribe member. With this development, it would appear to take value away from Robin but rather I feel it increases Robin’s value because of what happened to the Roger Pirates. Roger reached Laugh Tale but his crew were unable to finish what Joy Boy began as they were not equipped with the correct “answer” after having all or at least most the information available to them. Robin isn’t like anybody else in this world, her whole life has been dedicated to finding the true history and it is within that pursuit that an answer no one else will reach will be arrived at by Robin.

Yamato is definitely processing different scenarios within his mind in regards to the path forward he should take because those paths lead in totally different directions. Ultimately, the desire to live like Oden and assist Luffy embrace his fate as Joy Boy came to propel Yamato to the path he seeks to travel. Momonosuke’s send-off most likely also contributed to the decision Yamato is now making. Yamato is going to ask once again to Luffy’s crew and Luffy won’t be refusing. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

Enjoyment level: 9/10

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